Hello, I am Caroline. With experience teaching English (EFL, IELTS: Academic & General), a keen sense of written words and ideas through my love of reading, and a BSc in Nursing Studies from King's College, London University, I combine the skills from those different interests in proofreading and editing. More recently, I partnered with SparkInWords writing services and I have proofread and edited a wide range of documents, from BSc assignments to PhD theses, from grant applications and presentation summaries, to marketing websites and blogs. I regularly work with undergraduates and postgraduates to provide assistance in writing style with academic English.


Below are a few comments that I have received from satisfied clients.




“Caroline has helped me to improve significantly the quality of my paper. The editor has paid attention to every paragraph leaving comments that help me to learn through this process. As a non-native English speaker person, I appreciate it so much. Thanks!” M.A.


“Caroline is a great freelancer to work with, she was very communicative throughout the process giving me insights into how I could improve on this project of mine. She took this project seriously going above and beyond of what was asked, she did research on behalf of the project ... She is extremely professional and it has been a joy working with her.” C.A.


“... On top of that, she was extremely professional throughout the duration of the project and was prompt with replies. Do consider Caroline for your projects if you require a trustworthy and reliable freelancer!” S.D.


“She can deliver on time on budget.” C.R.


“It has been a fantastic experience working with Caroline. She is such a professional ... Communication, meeting deadlines and making sure the project met my specifications, she is a great freelancer. I highly recommend working with her!” J.C.