Two easily confused terms

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is needed when the main text is all but finalised and a last once-over (or inspection) would be ideal. You have finished your assignment or dissertation, and you would like someone to do a thorough check of the punctuation, spelling and grammar. Errors often creep in and have a habit of standing out to a new reader.


Given the convenience of the digital era, where people can write, format and lay out the text, even publish their own book, it is very easy to skip this stage.


Why is it important? You would be surprised how many small errors are noticed.

What is editing?

Editing is an extension of proofreading. It is essential to your assignment if you don't find it easy to formulate concise sentences or structured paragraphs. In addition to high-lighting where phrasing and punctuation may be improved, an editor suggests how to ensure

consistency of style and flow of ideas. This is very useful if English is not your first language, or if you don't regularly write argumentative essays e.g. such as at university. As a teacher with EFL experience, I see first-hand that writing is not always intuitive.

Copy editing can be light, medium or heavy, depending on the requirements of you (the writer), your text and its purpose.

Which do I choose?

It depends. Keep in mind what the project is and how much input you require from a 3rd person. For those doing university assignments, I offer editing with feedback on elements of English for academic purposes. If you would like assistance with the flow of sentences, paragraphs and the consistency of your ideas, some editing help would add value to your project. The digital era means this can be a very collaborative process.

How does it work?

Once we have agreed on the type of service, taking into account any deadlines, I provide two copies of your project - one with feedback/recommendations and amendments, the second being a 'clean' copy. I use Track Changes, a commonly used word-editing feature, to let you see exactly where any text is modified. You can use the two copies side by side for comparison. Details can be clarified on communication if needed.


For Proofreading I charge between £0.35 and £0.55 /100 words, depending on the turnaround time and document length.


For Editing I can give an accurate quote according to the details of the assignment, but rates start at £0.60 /100 words. The rate is a little higher if it is needed in less than 2 days.


*In either case, I take into consideration whether or not English is your first language, and if the document is an academic assignment. Experience shows that the text may need polishing from the language point of view, and inevitably this becomes a light editing process.