"The job of the writer .. is to be patient enough to find the ideas." Malcolm Gladwell

Here are a few takeaways to help in writing and using standard and academic English. Some are activity-type worksheets. Some are reference websites or books.

Tips/activities to help you in writing

I have used this activity many times, from teenagers learning how to organise essays to adults learning how to write for an academic English test. It's a 5-10 minute activity which is designed to get you to think about what goes into paragraphs. (If you can print this off and get your scissors out to help you do it, even better!) 

An easy-to-read 1-page document from Anglia Ruskin University with very helpful phrases on citation that are easy to incorporate into an academic paper.

Reference materials

Some useful resources and websites - ideal for academic writers and EFL /IELTS students.