Welcome to Romania!
Bine ați venit 
în România!

While you're waiting to hear back from me, take a couple of minutes to enjoy the calming scenery of this area of Europe nestled in the Carpathian Mountains.

I was born (almost) and raised in Hong Kong, some few more miles away from the UK, and travelling and exploring the world doesn't seem such a big deal, as anyone who knows me might suggest. After some years as a nurse in acute care in London and Oxford, I bit the bullet and started teaching English. Romania welcomed me and I will be forever indebted to my new friends who I met in and around Brasov, for their warmth and hospitality, the beer and the mici, ciorbele delicioase, and of course for helping me with a new language.

Pofta buna or 'Bon apetit' as we say in 'English'!

Field poppies
Saschiz bridge
'simple' living at Magura
Singing Birches
Sighisoara tower
Walking in Grohotis
Stork land (Țara Bârsei)
Mtg Baiului
Country life
Streets of Sighisoara
Peles Castle
We like hiking!
More Mti Baiului
View at Pestera
View of Bucegi
Bunco adventures
Rhododendrons ... and sheep
Statues at Castle Peles
Alternative transport
Poiana church
Picnic Ptra. Craiului
Pond life!
Bunloc view
Bran's_Not Dracula's
Sinai model railway
Magura village
mural CBM
Train travel
Poppies at Cristian
Church interior
P.Sfatului eveningstroll
Mti Bucegi
Sibiu square
Town house