© 2018 Caroline Heywood

While you're waiting to hear back from me, take a couple of minutes to enjoy the calming scenery of this area of Europe nestled in the Carpathian Mountains.

I was born (almost) and raised in Hong Kong, some few more miles away from the UK, and travelling and exploring the world doesn't seem such a big deal, as anyone who knows me might suggest. After some years as a nurse in acute care in London and Oxford, I bit the bullet and started teaching English. Romania welcomed me and I will be forever indebted to my new friends who I met in and around Brasov, for their warmth and hospitality, the beer and the mici, ciorbele delicioase, and of course for helping me with a new language.

Pofta buna or 'Bon apetit' as we say in 'English'!

Welcome to Romania!
Bine ați venit 
în România!